Product Authentication

Make sure your product is genuine by entering the 7-digit ID number printed on the hologram security label of the supply packaging.

ID number

Enter the ID number

Left/center - Latest labels Right - Former label

Alternative quicker and easier way of authentication

Find the security label on supply package

For extra security, please also confirm:

  • The package has not been tampered with.
  • The security label is not damaged or torn.
  • The security label shows the holographic effects as below:

Check the holographic effects

1. Authentication Dots & Numbers
  • Tilt to the back 1 dot

    Tilt to the back 1 dot

  • Tilt to the forth 2 dot

    Tilt to the front 2 dots

  • Tilt to the right 3 dot

    Tilt to the right 3 dots

  • Tilt to the left 4 dot

    Tilt to the left 4 dots

2. Multi-Angle Text
Rotate the security label 90 degrees and look for the repeated pattern:
  • Rotate Right GENUINE

    Rotate Right GENUINE

  • Rotate Left BROTHER

    Rotate Left BROTHER

*If you suspect that your Brother product may be counterfeit, please report to Brother.
Report to Brother

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